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Diagnostic Kits, Lab Consumables & Disposables, and Reagents & Stains.

We are accredited ISO 9001-2015 Quality, Management and System

Welcome to Texas Medical

Texas Medical Equip. Tr. Co. LLC is one of the leading Medical Lab Suppliers in UAE. Based in Sharjah since 2009 and we are accredited ISO9001-2015 quality management system. We supply high quality Medical & Food Lab Products. Also Since its inception a few years ago, the company is continuously growing and expanding to new markets across the country and beyond. We’re glad to announce that we have a broad range of medical & food lab products for hospitals, clinics & food industries. We supply lab products both to end-users and wholesalers all over UAE and export to other countries also.

Our products range in a wide category like for
Medical Lab Products: Diagnostic Kits, Lab Consumables & Disposables, Reagents & Stains.
Food Lab: Petri Dish, Serological Pipettes, Dehydrated Culture Media, Glassware & Lab Instruments.


Business Partners

We’re proudly partnered with highly recognized and the most reputable global players in Medical &Health Care sector like:

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Our Clients

We’re really glad to serve several medium and large sized firms in Health care/food sector throughout UAE.

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